Happy Birthday Gene!

August 23, 2012 § 4 Comments

Though Gene would have considered 100 “just another round number” and would have “run for the hills” to avoid all of the hoopla, as we did, in his words, when he turned eighty back in 1992, I must say that I have been serially impressed by the many fine assessments of his career that have been written over the past few months and by the very moving and insightful commentary from those inspired and touched by his work. I have heard from people of all ages—young dancers just starting out and older folks who took class at The Gene Kelly Studio of the Dance in Pittsburgh. I have heard from people seeing Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen for the first time and from those who have lost count. I never tire of reading and hearing these personal accounts. I watched the taping of Jakob Karr performing a silhouette number on “So You Think You Can Dance” last night and could not stop thinking about Gene. The nuances of Jakob’s movement—the perfect balletic pointing of his toes, the graceful athleticism and his wit and charm reminded me of Gene in so many ways and so many numbers, including “Nina” in The Pirate. It was nice to see the resonance, but there was also a kind of bittersweet quality to it. As the number progressed, I kept wanting to turn to Gene to get his reaction. And that’s the way I feel much of the time. I wish he were here to share so many things. But since he isn’t, the next best thing is to be able to share so much with you. Thank you all for your graciousness and for your feelings of celebration on this day, August 23, 2012. I am most appreciative. Gene would be as well.


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§ 4 Responses to Happy Birthday Gene!

  • To Gene Kelly from his hometown:
    When you sing For Me and My Gal, you inspire us. When you dance, Thousands Cheer. We always want to be your Cover Girl. There is no Christmas Holiday without you. When you bid us Anchors Aweigh you were Living in a Big Way. You stole our hearts like The Pirate you are and then redeemed yourself like The Three Musketeers. Whenever you Take Me Out to the Ball Game it’s a very special night On the Town. When you play Summer Stock we cheer. When you travel like An American in Paris we want you to come home. You know Gene, It’s a Big Country, and we don’t want you out there Singin’ in the Rain waiting for that Crest of the Wave. Because some day you will meet your Brigadoon and way down Deep in My Heart you know It’s Always Fair Weather here for you. So take The Happy Road and bring back Something for the Girls. With those dancing shoes you will always Inherit the Wind. So stop by since you’ll be Going My Way. Because you always said, What a Way to Go!

  • A lovely first post and birthday tribute to Gene!

  • missmaroy says:

    Thank you for having been here on this earth and making so many millions of people happy with your hard work, beautiful personality and your unforgettable smile. You will always be missed.
    Happy birthday where ever you are, I know it`s a wonderful place 🙂

  • rmsilsby06 says:

    Happy Birthday Gene!
    Patricia, I thank you for keeping his memory alive and sharing him with the world! I too watched Jakob dance last night on SYTYCD and you are right; he was amazing! Though I never got to see Gene in person, just watching his movies is so inspiring and motivational. I have been a tap dancer for more than 30 years and though I’m not a professional dancer, there are many times that I think of Gene while either dancing or just watching a tap number in a movie or in a broadway show.
    You are so blessed to have had him in your life.
    I wish you much love and happiness on this special day!
    Sincerely, Robin from CT

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