Praise for Patricia Kelly:

“The intelligence, passion, conviction and style you that brought to yesterday evening’s Tribute was a perfect match for the intelligence, passion, conviction and style that Gene brought to all of his work.  It was quite perfect.”

Bob Rosen, Educator, critic, preservationist and former dean of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

“I can’t say enough in praise of your magnificent performance last night. I had expected complete professionalism, but it went beyond impressive. You were articulate, poised, funny, and touching and gave us all an evening full of unexpected gems about GK.”

Bill Taylor A.S.C., Cinematographer and Visual Effects Supervisor

“I can’t imagine a more effective—or affecting!—portrait of Gene. A memorable evening.”

Jon Burlingame, Film Music Writer, Daily Variety.

“…I could see the whole thing all over again right now. It was great, great, great.”

Angie Dickinson, Actor

“…truly personal—a rarity in tributes like these. I felt privileged to be there.”

Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

“Tonight was one of the most moving tributes I have seen. You were so heartfelt and touching in your delivery of the stories of Gene’s life and work.”

Melissa Aggeles Vincent, Melissa Aggeles Productions

“Oh, what a magical night you gave us. Joyous, indeed, and what a lovely and accomplished hostess you are. Charming and always there with the specifics we want to know….Gene was there for us all, thanks to your stylish program….this will be a night we’ll remember time and again. Congratulations, and brava…”

George Christy, Hollywood Columnist

A one-of-a-kind, out of this world event….Gene’s legacy couldn’t be in better hands.”

Ignacio Darnaude, , Sony Pictures

“What a wonderful time we had last night….How great it was for you to come to know Gene as only a wife can know a man….and how very special of you to be willing to share this with all of us. Your remarks were charming, informative, humorous and heart warming all at the same time.”

Walter Painter, Emmy-Award Winning Director & Choreographer

“It was a great experience watching the show you presented.  It was informative, concise and thorough, and you conveyed the genius of Gene Kelly wonderfully.  It moved like a story, and with you at the center of it, guiding us through, we all got an idea of who Gene Kelly really was.”

Craig Spivek, Writing and Creativity Consultation at BDPictureFILMS

“Last night’s celebration was a remarkable and loving tribute, so personal yet so universal. Gene’s professional contributions and innovations to the worlds of film, music and dance will certainly have an everlasting place in history, and will inspire and influence emerging artists for years to come. But his philosophies, his approach to life, his unbound knowledge of things well beyond the confines of show business…these things that you now share with the world…the ‘real Gene’…will keep him close to our hearts. Thank you so much for doing what you do, for keeping Gene vital and relevant and present. You’ve opened heaven’s portals here on Earth for us poor mortals.”

Marilee Bradford, Producing Director at The Film Music Society


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